Carmelo Caruana Company Limited


Our History

Established since 1923, Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd has grown from a pioneering family business to an established leader in the maritime and shipping industry.

Commencing as traders and evolving into agents and freight forwarders we are today primarily engaged and focused on Ship Agency, Ship-to-Ship Operations, Project Cargo, Oil and Gas Logistics and Free Trade Zone Warehousing.

We support numerous businesses in Malta and around the Mediterranean by offering integrated solutions to our clients looking for hubbing solutions and support services for their cargo operations, husbandry matters or logistic services.

We’ve always seen challenges as opportunities as we strive to be on time, within budget, while always paying attention to detail. Solutions are tailored to suit individual client requirements as we aim to improve lead times, increase efficiency and enhance cost effectiveness.

With Carmelo Caruana Company Ltd as a partner, clients gain access to our global connections and enjoy our high standards for ethics, safety, security and reliability.

Our Mission

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Our Partners

Ocean 7

Our Family

Carmelo Caruana Company is part of Breakwater Investments, the engineering, shipping & logistics, and oil & gas arm of Malta-based international group Hili Ventures.