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Ship to Ship Operations

Ship to Ship Operations

Carmelo Caruana boasts decades of experience in ship-to-ship transfers coupled with an excellent track record for timeliness and clean performance.

We have carried out hundreds of ship-to-ship operations, transferring millions of tons of oil products between vessels in record time. Over two decades, we have serviced the world’s major oil companies and traders.

Carmelo Caruana and its sister company STS Marine Solutions of the UK, a leading marine transfers service company, jointly operate a base in Malta. This partnership allows us to guarantee quality, peace of mind and expertise.

Malta’s central location in the Mediterranean and its proximity to all of the main international shipping routes makes it ideally situated for conducting ship-to-ship transfer operations. In addition, Malta can offer a comprehensive service of inspection, testing and surveying facilities for a range of distillate cargoes from heavy to light.

Our own dedicated ship-to-ship base in Malta’s Grand Harbour allows Carmelo Caruana Company to offer more time-efficiency to speed up the entire operation. Our facilities are equipped with Yokohoma pneumatic fenders, transfer hoses and mooring masters. We also provide full-service lightering operations, all in accordance with local requirements and Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) guidelines.

In association with STS Marine Solutions, we are able to provide turnkey solutions for all ship-to-ship requirements in Malta. Together we own and operate sufficient equipment in Malta to conduct multiple STS operations simultaneously with vessels ranging in size from 5,000 SDWT to and including VLCCs involving varying cargoes. All STS operations are conducted in international waters off Malta so there are no extra port costs.

Furthermore, STS Marine Solutions offers a range of ship-to-ship services and capabilities in 24 locations around the world. View the brochure here: View Brochure

  • Oil STS, LNG STS
  • Provision of POAC Mooring Masters
  • Fender hire
  • Provision of hoses
  • Port and offshore operations
  • Follow OCIMF guidelines
  • STS operations at your convenience 24/7
  • Quay side access from our STS base for rapid mobilisation
  • Designated covered area for storage
  • Offshore boat services

Carmelo Caruana Company offers its STS clients a one-stop solution including agency assistance, cargo documentation, embarkation and disembarkation of surveyors.

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