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Malta is served by two major commercial ports – the Grand Harbour in Valletta and the port at Marsaxlokk.

Malta’s central location in the Mediterranean and its proximity to all of the main international shipping routes makes it ideally situated for conducting ship-to-ship transfer operations. In addition, Malta can offer a comprehensive service of inspection, testing and surveying facilities for a range of distillate cargoes from heavy to light.

In partnership with our UK-based sister company STS Marine Solutions, we own and operate sufficient equipment in Malta to conduct a multitude of STS operations simultaneously with vessels ranging in size from 5,000 SDWT to and including VLCCs involving varying cargoes. All STS operations are conducted in international waters off Malta so there are no extra port costs.

We are able to provide turnkey solutions for all your requirements in Malta, including equipment deployment, recovery, ship-to-ship transfer and all agency needs.

Fendering operations are carried out off Valletta Fairway Buoy. Thereafter, berthing operations are conducted with both vessels underway. Once all fast, vessels will proceed to anchor at Hurd’s Bank in order to conduct cargo transfer.

Cruise liner terminal

Superyacht marinas and berthing facilities

Cargo handling facilities

Offshore oil & gas logistics and support services

Oil storage facilities

Tank cleaning facilities

Ship repair

Container terminal

Free Trade Zone storage

Oil storage facilities

Offshore oil & gas logistics and support services

Other Ports

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